Class A Volunteer Forms Have Changed

One Form Now Covers Key Program Volunteers and Unified Partners

Swim CoachSpecial Olympics Kentucky has released a new combined Class A Volunteer/Unified Partner Form. This is going to be a step in the right direction in simplifying the Class A process for all; unified partners, volunteers, coaches, and additional personnel. It is always Special Olympics’ Intent to provide a process which assures the volunteer’s information is confidential; therefore, after the screening process is completed, all personal information will be shredded. For those persons that are over the age of 18, a copy of a driver’s license will be required. Please note: All Class A Volunteers/Unified Partners will be required to complete this form every three years. For further information in regards to Class A/Unified Partner requirements please visit http://soky.org/coachcertification/ or contact Volunteer Services Manager, Kelli Firquin at kfirquin@soky.org or at 502-695-8222.

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