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A Positive Sport Experience Starts With The Coach

Coaches have the greatest opportunity to create positive change in Special Olympics athletes, because they are the ones who work with athletes on a consistent basis. Good coaches know that learning to play a sport is more than just mastering skills associated with the sport – it takes teamwork, commitment, sacrifice, and dedication. These are qualities that Special Olympics coaches work to instill in their athletes, with the understanding that these lessons can have a positive impact on the athletes’ lives outside of sports. The second reason is that it is a requirement.

You as a Special Olympics coach will become role models and character builders. Coaches help our athletes discover their physical skills, their self-worth, their human courage, and their capacity to grow. Being a Special Olympics coach is one of the most important and rewarding volunteer roles.


  • Assist athletes in learning sports skills and applying them in competitions.
  • Encourage confidence and self-esteem through sport.
  • Obtain equipment for athletic training.
  • Help to recruit athletes and assistant coaches.
  • Register athletes for competitions.
  • Know and share the mission of Special Olympics in your community
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Coach Resources

Special Olympics Coach Oath – “In the name of all coaches, we shall follow written and verbal instructions of Special Olympics officials at all times, have our athletes at the appropriate events and activities at the proper time and abide by the rules and policies, in the spirit of sportsmanship.”

Coach Code of Conduct – Special Olympics Coaches are role models whose behavior should serve as a positive example for their athletes.

Athlete Code of Conduct: Special Olympics Kentucky is committed to the highest ideals of sport and expects all athletes to honor sports and Special Olympics.

Family Member Code of Conduct: This Family Code of Conduct should be emphasized during training, competition, and special events at any level – including Local, Regional, State, National and World.

Volunteer Code of Conduct: This is the code of conduct for Special Olympics Kentucky Volunteers.

Coach Certification Process

Sport Manuals

Key Coaching Forms