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Special Olympics Kentucky would not exist today and could not have been created without the time, energy, and dedication of thousands of volunteers.

More than 8,000 Kentucky volunteers, nearly 1,900 coaches, 250 law enforcement and 735 health professionals dedicate their time to serve our state’s children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Get started today and the life you change may be your own!

How do I Get Started?

You must decide which capacity you feel fits you best personally and how much time you have available to serve. Special Olympics has two classes in which volunteers can serve many of which do not require any sport specific knowledge.  These two classes are Class “A” and Class “B.” which are defined as:

Flowchart: Are you a Coach, Unified Partner, Chaperone or Head of Delegation? Yes: You're a Class A Volunteer! Go to the Class A Registration Page! No: Are you going to transport an athlete? Yes: Go to the Class A Registration Page. No: Are you wanting to spend multiple weeks with a team, helping at Practice and Games? Yes: Go to the Class A Registration form. No: Do you want want to help out on a day-of-event basis (referee, awards, scorekeeper)? Yes: You are a Class B Volunteer. Go to the Volunteer Now page soky.org/volunteernow.

Class A: Volunteers are required to become certified and requires a time commitment of once or twice a week for 6-8 weeks.  These volunteers provide 1-on-1 unsupervised contact with athletes such as:

  • Head of Delegation
  • Coaches
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Chaperones
  • Committee Members
  • Local Coordinators
  • Unified Sports® Partners

ALL CERTIFIED Class A Volunteers are required to complete a Class A Volunteer Application (Electronic) (paper application here) and online trainings located on our Next Steps page.

Class B: Volunteers serve:

  • On day-of-events.
  • Time commitments vary based upon event but is typically 3- 8 hours on a weekend.

Class B Volunteers will register with the state office online for a specific event and specific volunteer opportunity.  ALL CLASS B Volunteers will be asked to build a profile with our Online Volunteer portal to then be able to register for specific events.  To get registered click Volunteer NOW!

Note: Class B volunteers are not typically registered with a local program or team for the specific event.

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