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Even without making a financial contribution, there are ways you can help support Special Olympics and our athletes. We are regularly in need of in-kind donations of items to be used in the daily operation of our program and for our competitive and fundraising events.

If you have in-kind items that you would like to donate that do not appear on this list, contact Trish Mazzoni, President/CEO at 800-633-7403 or [email protected].

Current Needs

– Briefcase Velcro Display Board (examples)

– Rolling Velcro Display Board (examples)

– Tabletop Projector Screen (example)

– Standing Projector Screen (example)

– (4) Desktop Computers with Flat Screen Monitors

– Basic Office Supplies; copier paper, mailing envelopes, tape, etc.

– Basic Landscape Services (trim trees, bushes, repair brick border, etc.)

– 2-way Family Band Radios

– E-Z Up Pop-Up Tents (heavy duty line) 10×10 or 10×15

– Accusplit Stopwatches (AX705PRO)

– Fiberglass Metric Measuring Tapes

– 4 Large Sports Equipment Bags (softball, basketball, bats, batter’s helmets, etc.) for USA Games