Team Kentucky Returns on Sunday!

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Team Kentucky Returns on Sunday!

Union’s Maddie Brinkman ended Team Kentucky’s 2022 USA Games receiving her gold medal for the 50-yard backstroke.

There was a very little action today, but it was important as Team Kentucky athletes received the team’s last two awards of the Games. Louisville swimmer Austin Stine received a fifth place ribbon for his swim yesterday in the 100-yard freestyle. That meant that Team Kentucky finished these games on a golden note with Union swimmer Maddie Brinkman taking the podium to receive her gold medal for yesterday’s 50-yard backstroke competition. Brinkman finished the Games with medals in all three events, two gold and one bronze.

The majority of Team Kentucky athletes today spent at least some time in the Magic Kingdom – an opportunity extended to every athlete and coach once this week during the Games. They also enjoyed a surprise visit from Disney characters at Disney All-Star Music Resort, where the team has stayed all week.

Team Kentucky will return to Louisville tomorrow. Their flight will land at 11:50 am at Louisville’s Muhammad Ali International airport. Supporters are invited to welcome the team home.

Kentucky athletes claimed 32 medals at these games, including 15 gold medals.

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