Changes Ahead for Area 8 Bowling Tournament

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Changes Ahead for Area 8 Bowling Tournament

Facility Closure Forces Schedule Change

Eastland Lanes Bowling
Longtime Special Olympics Bowling Home Eastland Lanes closed on June 1.

As many of you have probably heard by now, Eastland Lanes – the home of the Area 8 Bowling Tournament for many years – closed for good on June 1. Collins Bowling Centers is shifting all their business to Southland Lanes. This change not only affects us but every other bowling league and tournament that Eastland hosted. Let me start by saying that we know there are other bowling facilities in and around Lexington but no other facility has enough lanes to meet our needs. Southland has 40 lanes which is 4 lanes less than Eastland so we are already downsizing. As you are all aware we almost always have overages during the singles competition. There is just no way we could sacrifice anymore lanes by going to a smaller facility.

As you can imagine it has been very difficult for Southland to accommodate everyone. Because of this we have had to make the following changes to the tournament schedule.

  • The Area 8 Bowling Tournament will be held at Southland Lanes- 205 Southland Dr. Lexington, KY 40503
  • SINGLES competition will take place on FRIDAY October 13 from 12pm- 5pm.
  • RAMPS AND UNIFIED competition will be on SUNDAY  October 15 from 1pm-3pm.
    To alleviate some of the overcrowding and overages during the singles competition we have decided to move ramp competition to Sunday.

We know this is a big change for everyone which is why we want you to have this information now so you can plan ahead and prepare. Please know that we are at the mercy of the bowling alley and we have carefully weighed our options. We hope you understand this has been challenging for both us and the bowling facility and this was the best compromise for us both. If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected] or 502-695-8222.

Thank you for understanding.

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