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SOKY Launches On-Line Store

Get New Gear Any Time You Need It

SOKY Store
Shop any time day or night at the new SOKY on-line store.

Have you ever needed new SOKY gear and couldn’t wait for the General Store at the next big event? Now you can get what you need any time you want from the comfort of your own home as we have launched an on-line General Store for the first time! All items will be produced and shipped by First Gear in Richmond, who has produced our Summer Games shirts for several years and who ran the General Store at this year’s Summer Games.

The store will offer a wide range of products from t-shirts and hats to polo shirts and jackets. We have worked closely with First Gear to select high quality products that you can proudly wear to Special Olympics competitions and beyond. And we have tried very hard to continue to make those products available at costs that are affordable.

So now you can shop for your SOKY logo gear any time day or night any day of the year from wherever you are and have items shipped right to your home or to a loved one.

Make sure you check out the new SOKY on-line store today at

For information about the on-line store or if you have any questions, contact Teresa Capps-McGill at [email protected] or 502-695-8222.

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